Spiritual Counselling

The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed — to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is. 

Parker Palmer

We're living through some very strange and uncertain times and if the pandemic restrictions over the past year have done nothing else, they've given many of us time to reflect and be a lot more still in our lives.

Often with stillness comes questioning and we start to wonder what our purpose is in life.  Sometimes, too, that questioning gets to the very root of who we are.

There are many, many people who have grown up with a background in the established Church but who have outgrown it, or become disillusioned with religious concepts and dogma.  Perhaps, like me,. you began to question why you were attending Sunday school, or Sunday morning services when much of what the minister said went straight over your head!   For me, it seemed like I was wandering ab out in a maze with no real signposts.

As I got older and started to question more about what was going on in my own life, I began to look for answers in some of the other religious and belief systems of the world, and gradually stepped further and further into the realisation that we're all connected somehow by a huge, invisible thread which weaves through our lives and everyone with whom we come into contact.

If you've never heard of spiritual counselling, you're certainly not alone.  Until a few years ago, I'd never heard the term either so here's a fairly concise explanation as to what I believe it to be.

Spiritual Counselling is an exploration, a liberation, an unburdening of ourselves at the deepest level in a quest for inner peace.  It is about being heard in a world that flashes past us in such a hurry that we can become invisible, even to ourselves.   

It's a journey to the self, accompanied along the way by a trusted confidante; someone who is not there to judge, nor to offer solutions, but simply to hear us and be with us on this journey, no matter where the path might lead us or how long it takes to get there.   It is an unravelling, an unwrapping of our thoughts, our beliefs, our deepest concepts of ourselves, and our day to day issues, as we seek the essence of who we are and ultimately recognise the spirit within each of us – to be able to say I am and know that who we are really is enough. 

And if you're looking for answers, well, there are no right or wrong ones, but there are answers:  we just need to be still enough to hear them.

CREDENTIALS - I have been involved in counselling and mediation for the last thirty years, from working in schools to counselling with the Samaritans, and in one of Scotland's largest health boards. 

I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister and completed two years of training in spiritual counselling and interfaith ministry.  Through my role as a Minister and Celebrant, I have also further developed my interest in working with bereaved families and so offer grief and bereavement counselling.

APPOINTMENTS - I offer late afternoon appointments as well as evening and weekends.  The appointment sessions last 50 minutes and cost £45 per session.  If you'd like to make a booking to see me, please either telephone, or email me through my online contact form or directly at admin@highlandceremonies.com