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Naming Ceremonies - FAQs

Naming Ceremonies - FAQs and costs

Is a naming ceremony legal in any way?

No.  It's simply a ceremony.  You must still register your child's birth in the normal ways, within 42 days of his or her birth.

Are naming ceremonies only for newborns?

No.  Traditionally, babies would be Christened when they were only a few weeks old but nowadays many families are not regular Churchgoers and the religious urgency to have a baby Christened is not so great.  Parents still like to introduce their new babies to friends and family and naming ceremonies are a great way to do this. Whenever you're ready, we'll put a ceremony together which will be completely bespoke for you and your family.


We're a same sex couple and have just adopted a child.  Can we have a naming ceremony?

Absolutely.  It's a lovely way to introduce the new addition to your family and friends.  Any family which adopts a child can having a naming ceremony and it's a beautiful way to involve other children in a ceremony with their new brother or sister.

Although I don't go to Church, I still have a strong faith and would like religious readings incorporated into the ceremony for our child.  Is that possible?

Absolutely.  Whatever is important to you both can be included - whether it is a hymn, a prayer, or a blessing.

We would like to mark the ceremony by having an additional symbolic ceremony.  Can we incorporate this?

It's a lovely idea to include things like memory boxes, a unity candle ceremony, or even a tree planting.  All of these can be included in your ceremony script.




We're thinking about having our partnership legalised and then perhaps having a naming ceremony for our child at the same time.  Can we do that?

Yes, you can.  Usually, the civil partnership ceremony is carried out first, and then the naming ceremony follows.

What does the role of a Celebrant involve?

We'll have an initial meeting during which I'll talk to you and meet your new little one.  This will give me an opportunity to really get to know you and to understand what you wish to be included in your ceremony. We'll talk about the poems and readings you'd like, and any vows you'd like to make as parents.  If there will be 'godparents' at the ceremony, or other members of the family you'd like to be involved, such as grandparents, we'll work together to ensure they're comfortable with their roles.   Following that meeting, I'll work on creating your bespoke ceremony. On the day itself, I'll come along early so that we can have a quick rehearsal beforehand.  You'll be given a presentation ​​folder with a copy of your ceremony to keep.

How much does it cost to use a Celebrant?

The cost for a naming ceremony is £350.  

Are there any extra costs at all?

  • If I have to travel considerable distances from home to get to you then there may well be a cost, but I would discuss that with you in advance.  I'm based in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

  • There may be an additional charge if you require a rehearsal a day or two before the ceremony, which incurs additional travel.

  • Any items required for part of a symbolic ceremony which you would like me to source on your behalf.

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