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About me

Thank you for visiting my site - Highland Ceremonies Ltd.  I'm Glynis Woodhead and I'm based in Scotland;  in Inverness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, to be more exact, hence the company name, of course.  I guess you're here because something major is happening - or about to happen - in your life right now.  Whether that's a wedding, a funeral, or a different type of special moment in your life, take a look around and let me know how I can help you -  I've detailed a little more of what I do (and why I do it) below.   And if you're wondering about the gorgeous artwork on the Home page, it's by a local artist in the Highlands - Peter McDermott, who is based in Skye.  The painting is of Loch Coruisk in Skye and you can find out more about it, and Peter's work, on the 'About the artwork' page.

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I conduct ceremonies which have individuals at the centre of them - in other words, human-centred.  People nowadays have a wide range of personal belief systems, and so the ceremonies I conduct are hugely varied:  sometimes they're entirely non-religious, sometimes they have a little bit (or quite a lot) of religious content, and sometimes they're interfaith (where more than one belief system is represented).  So whether you have no belief whatsoever, or you have religious or spiritual beliefs, the most important thing is that I will deliver your ceremony exactly as you want it. 


Personally, I have a huge interest in all forms of religion and spirituality from earth-based and animistic religions to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and everything in between that could possibly have 'ism' at the end of it!

For that reason, I recently completed a two year course with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation which has given me even more of an understanding of different belief systems.  If you're looking to have a cross-cultural or cross-belief ceremony, then I'm more than happy to work with you on that.

As an English graduate and writer, I worked in senior roles in education for 17 years, most recently as a Headteacher, so I’m a highly confident organiser and public speaker.  In some of the spare time I have, I’ve enjoyed volunteering in organisations as diverse as the prison service, the Durrell Wildlife Trust, and the Samaritans.  


The question I'm most often asked is why I chose to become a celebrant, and the answer to that is really easy.  I've attended many weddings and funerals in my life, the majority of which have been full religious ceremonies, but which were much more to do with dogma and religious tradition than the individuals at the centre of the occasion.  Then, whilst living in New Zealand, I discovered what the role of a Celebrant was, and here I am.

Although I'm up here in the Highland capital, I'm certainly not restricted to this area and conduct ceremonies all over, so I'm happy to travel wherever you need me to be for your occasion.  If I can help you in any way, please get in touch with me and we’ll discuss how, together, we can make your most important moment really special. Just click here or go to the 'Contact' tab above. 

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