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Highland Ceremonies Ltd

One of the things about the process of setting up a company is trying to come up with a name which goes some way to explaining what your business actually does. When I set up my business in Wetherby two and a half years ago, I thought long and hard about it and finally came up with the name HMD Civil Celebrants Ltd. The Civil Celebrant was designed to be fairly explanatory but then, of course, I discovered that most people didn’t actually know what a civil celebrant actually was. The HMD part of it was a bit of a hit, though, because most people with whom I was dealing remembered back to the days when their parents, or grandparents would open the newspaper and head straight to the family announcements for that week’s Hatches, Matches and Despatches!

As I’ve been back in my beloved home country for almost two years, it seems an appropriate time for a change of name to reflect not only where I am geographically, but the increased range of ceremonies I can offer, and so a few weeks ago the company officially became Highland Ceremonies Ltd. Now there’s no more confusion about what I do, because the name, as the saying goes, reflects exactly what it says on the tin! My new email address is simpler, too: which means I don’t have to continually spell it out to people.

With the new business name, I took the opportunity to completely revamp my website and include more detail on the extended services I offer and to give people more reason to linger awhile. I also decided to show people the kinds of places ceremonies could be held, for weddings in particular, from some of the most beautiful castles, to the most far-flung beaches and stunning remote landscapes.

One element of my website I’m really pleased with is the art and photography on it. I wanted to support other local businesses, too, so I’ve handpicked the pieces from literally thousands and spoken personally to all the artists who enthusiastically agreed to have their work featured. All of them not only create incredible depictions of Scotland, but, more importantly, they live and work here too, and that was really important to me. Peter McDermott, a fabulous artist based on the Isle of Skye, has generously allowed me to use one of his prints on my business card and marketing folders and it is of Loch Coruisk which lies at the foot of the Cuillins. If you have time, please take a look at the artist webpages which are all linked to the photos and you’ll see some beautiful work.

There's not much more Highland than a Scottish thistle!

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